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    Welcome to the blog of one creative chick, a Mother to 3 fabulous daughters, a "Nana" to 9 little munchkins, and the wife of a wonderful "Captain". I am an artist, I live a creative life designing, gardening, decorating, spending time with my family and traveling. So, welcome aboard and come visit with me anytime, you are always welcome! carol
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April 30, 2011


Edwin Rosell

Great post! Thank you Carol! Always inspiring.

Joan Beiriger

No wonder you are successful in art and product design. You DO go the extra step! Thanks for sharing and reminding us that it takes work to reap the rewards.


Hi Carol!
I am so tickled to find you! I too have a background in product design. I have a particular home decor product line sketched out and am wondering what you would recommend- - do I get an agent?- -do I pitch the line to a company who is able to do multiple mediums and I respect? Thanks for any guidance you can provide!


The world always becomes a better place because of people like you, Carol...inspiring, generous,blessed...
As an artist myself sometimes I feel discouraged...but words of enthusiasm and profound knowledge like yours are real balsam for tired souls...
Thanks a lot...and may God always bless you and your family the same way you bless so many with your beautiful example.
My warmest regards from my warm Rio and now Florida.

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