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March 06, 2012




i love your work and this is so terrible that someone would be so blatant to take someones work and just plaster it all over zazzle! Just a fellow artist who feels your frustration!


And is this "ladies" A** in a sling yet. Let us hear the rest of this story!! As we read I do hope a certifieed letter from your lawyer is on its way to her and the website company. But I must say she does have good taste. She did pick some good designs!!


I would love to hear what happens next! This is just plain BAD and Im so sorry you have to deal with this. On a brighter note.... this "lady" sure must not be the the sharpest tool in the shed if you know what Im saying? ;)

Gina Lee Bean

This is imply unacceptable! I can't believe this. As an artist myself, I see this happening more and more and it sickens me to know that some people have the nerve to rip off other artist's hard work and claim it as their own. An overhaul on how copyright laws are legally monitored and enforced is well over due! It's stealing and these people should be made accountable for that. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this Carol.

Jen Norton

Wow. I found your story on a LinkedIn comment and I had to come see for myself. The stripe just kills me...seriously? Wow.


I am so sorry that this happened to you. I am an artist and I design fabric on Spoonflower. I am so upset that my designs are able to be pinned by anyone to Pinterest via Spoonflower or Etsy.

Don't they realize that this can create a wonderful opportunity for people like you have mentioned to copy artists work. I don't' know if this person copied directly from your fabric or not. It just seems to me that with the advent of Pinterest, copyright has just flown out the window.

Want to read more of what happened.


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Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Jackie Von Tobel

There was a post on this thief in particular on the copyright thread of the Art licensing Group a couple of months back. Many people came forward to say they had been ripped off by her and her husband. I know a few threatened legal action but it does not seem to phase this woman. She will keep at it until someone with big bucks and lawyers can afford to file a suit against her. It might be worth contacting a copyright attorney and suggesting a class action suit on contingency against her. It might shut down other rip off artists if many artists who are being ripped off by the same person group together and sue. Good Luck and sorry for your pain!

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i really like your perform and this is so dreadful that someone would be so outright to take a person's perform and just plaster it all over zazzle! Just a other specialist who seems your frustration!

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