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    Welcome to the blog of one creative chick, a Mother to 3 fabulous daughters, a "Nana" to 9 little munchkins, and the wife of a wonderful "Captain". I am an artist, I live a creative life designing, gardening, decorating, spending time with my family and traveling. So, welcome aboard and come visit with me anytime, you are always welcome! carol
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June 29, 2012


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Always special to have quality time with the kids. We are so lucky to have 9 of them to play with. July 4th is next week so we have the big Marblehead Arts Festival here with lots of excitement, shows and fireworks. Happy Summer! best, Carol

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I like how you said the inlet looked "painted with a glaze of frosting." Made me think of donuts somehow... anyway, I see you paced yourself last Valentine's. The total weekend package with the massage and dinner! You two are a model couple.

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